The picture that killed a thousand words

BP oil leak

The picture that killed a thousand words

I’m a writer,so words matter to me.But thousands of words about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico are falling on deaf ears – whetherthey’re plans announced by the president,bold energy policies, clean-up assessments made by PhDs, or bloviations from the talking heads on Fox News or MSNBC.Why?Because of one grainy, single-camera video shot of oil pumping furiously from the depths of the ocean.We see it everyday on television or the web…and it haunts us.

Until that maddening, pulsating flow is stopped, and the camera reveals only calm ocean and mud, words just won’t be enough to give us hope, to believe in good intentions and to fully embrace new ideas about our future.That one picture, day in and day out, has put a spell on us, and nothing else will sink into our brains until the image is gone. It’ll be like waking from a scary dream, so we can face the wonder and challenges of a new day, with relief and determination.

The picture that killed a thousand words.

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