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Zoetis 2013 Annual Review

Any business, organization, or individual MUST communicate effectively to succeed. These days, customers, investors, employees, suppliers and the community at large yearn for language that communicates clearly, simply and persuasively. As a writer, consultant and creative strategist, I help corporations, innovative niche businesses and non-profit organizations achieve these goals with distinct messages that rise above the clutter and confusion. I can help you achieve your goals.

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Petraeus, Eisenhower, Miles Davis and the Power of Modesty

A couple of opinion columns recently focused on how leaders of the U.S. military present themselves these days – relentlessly wearing, for too many occasions, dress uniforms bedecked with the “fruit salad” of ribbons and award…

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Getting Real in an Etch-a-Sketch World

Confusion abounds from the candidates themselves, giving new meaning to the term “Etch-a-Sketch,” a colorful description of the erasing-and-ever-shifting positions of a particular presidential candidate, who shall remain nameless.

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Are You A Foamer Or A Piker? Metaphors Matter.

Metaphors may be a writer’s best tool, primarily because they create a vivid mental picture, sometimes worth more than a thousand words.

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Forget The Google Ranking; Write Web Content For The Nobel Prize

Still striving for search engine optimization? If you’re a writer, fuhgetaboutit. It turns out the page rankings based on keywords won’t be enough anymore.

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Sometimes It Pays To Be Ignorant.

You don’t have to be an expert to write effectively about a subject. You just have to know the right questions to ask – and maybe have the touch of a poet.

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I’m like, ya know, and he’s sort of like, I don’t know.

Do you have trouble understanding what people are saying these days? Do you know what they really mean? And do you find people in business using vague words with little meaning, without mentioning real people, actions or thoughts?

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SEO Key Words: A Nobel Prize or a High Google Ranking

it’s quite the challenge to insert into your lilting prose such charming terms as corporate writer, annual report copywriting, annual report writer, marketing communications writing, corporate newsletter writing, web writer, professional corporate writer, professional speechwriter and, let’s not forget, professional speechwriting.

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Where Are the Humans? 
The Language of Economic Insecurity

The language of economics and individualism has replaced the language of our common circumstances and shared risks. That’s why what used to be considered social insurance is now noted as “entitlements,” viewed by some as a threat to our national well-being instead of as a safety net for family-income security. In the highly emotional issue of illegal immigration, we also see dehumanizing language.

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The Truth Can Set You Free… If You Know What The Truth Is.

Gandhi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” a term that has inspired countless activists in our troubled times. Only one problem: Gandhi never said it.

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Marketing Lessons from Lincoln, Reagan, Harley Davidson and… Me

There’s no telling where we can learn fundamental lessons in marketing communications – from long-gone presidents to tattooed bikers.

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