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Zoetis 2013 Annual Review

Any business, organization, or individual MUST communicate effectively to succeed. These days, customers, investors, employees, suppliers and the community at large yearn for language that communicates clearly, simply and persuasively. As a writer, consultant and creative strategist, I help corporations, innovative niche businesses and non-profit organizations achieve these goals with distinct messages that rise above the clutter and confusion. I can help you achieve your goals.

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Knowing When to Quit

I remember Sinatra in the 1980s, preening before adoring crowds as if he were still the coolest cat around. But the pipes were rusted and he couldn’t hold a note for very long and he couldn’t fake it with technique anymore. It was painful to watch, though his legion of grey-haired fans didn’t seem to […]

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Looking to the horizon

Has Barack Obama lost his oratorical touch? Is he beginning to be tuned out because we see so much of him?

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The clocks were striking thirteen

When I’m browsing for a book to read, I always check out the first couple of lines. If they grab me, I’m more than half way there. I want to know what happens next.

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If you’re not a dictator, keep it short

Instead of the 15 minutes he was allotted, Colonel Gaddafi of Libya recently spoke for 96 minutes to UN delegates in New York. He discussed Somali pirates, the death of JFK, jet lag and swine flu conspiracy theories. He was ridiculed by the media and anyone within ear shot.

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The Problem with “You Lie”

No doubt about it, the political climate of 2009 is hot. When policymakers on both sides of the aisle think nothing of accusing their opponents of lying, you know that discourse in the public sphere has reached an all-time low.

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Profiles in Leadership: Juggling a Big Agenda

A major overhaul of our health care system. Financial regulation. Economic stimulus. The environment. Two wars.  Lots of people say President Obama is trying to tackle too many problems at once.  Some critics say he ignores the legacy of past presidents who maintained a more steady focus.

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“My Life Saved My Life”

When the acclaimed memoirist Frank McCourt died this week, he was lionized for the simple and sad storytelling in his Pulitzer Prize winning book, “Angela’s Ashes,” which recounted his impoverished childhood in Ireland.  But he spent much of his adult life as a high school teacher in New York, where he prodded his writing students […]

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Assume People Don’t Read or Listen

As a writer, I came to the conclusion a long time ago that it was in my best interest to assume that most people don’t read very much or listen very well. Short attention spans, busy lives and almost constant distractions create enormous challenges for communicators. It’s an undeniable fact that audiences bore easily.

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Obama in Cairo: Finding Our Common Humanity

President Obama waded into the treacherous waters of Middle East politics last week with his speech to the Muslim world in Cairo. In so doing, he gave us a simple lesson in bridge-building leadership that we can learn from.  What made it a success were words and ideas that valued honesty, fairness and respect in […]

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The dangers of euphemisms: people aren’t stupid

Enhanced Interrogation Techniques. Torture. Whatever your political point of view, the words “enhanced interrogation techniques” are inaccurate and purposely designed to mislead. For one thing, the term has nothing to do with interrogation; it’s all about physical coercion.

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