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Zoetis 2013 Annual Review

Any business, organization, or individual MUST communicate effectively to succeed. These days, customers, investors, employees, suppliers and the community at large yearn for language that communicates clearly, simply and persuasively. As a writer, consultant and creative strategist, I help corporations, innovative niche businesses and non-profit organizations achieve these goals with distinct messages that rise above the clutter and confusion. I can help you achieve your goals.

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Lincoln: A Master at Making Ideas “Sticky”

A recent book entitled Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die, written by brothers Chip and Dan Heath, focuses on the six characteristics that make ideas memorable (“sticky”).  To be sticky, they say, ideas have to be: • Simple • Unexpected • Concrete • Credible • Emotional • And tell a story […]

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Working backwards

How often do you hear a speech, read a blog, watch a commercial, or peruse an email blast and say, huh??  What is this about? Or, what does this have to do with me? Keep that confusion in mind the next time you need to communicate. The point is, you’ll be wasting your time… unless […]

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Creating a reality that rings true

President Obama’s recent speech before a joint session of Congress last week couldn’t have contrasted more sharply with the rebuttal given by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. But the stark differences in style and political substance were only part of what set these two speeches apart.   The other key difference was the choice of words and […]

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Today’s Hated CEOs: Can They Change Perceptions?

The giant banks on Wall Street and the Big 3 automakers have done a very poor job (to be charitable) of making their case to the American people. How can their CEOs communicate more effectively to start winning the hearts and minds of angry Americans?

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Obama’s Words: Writing Lessons for Tough Times

Most of us cannot deliver a speech like President Obama. But we certainly can learn a lesson from him on the power and impact of the spoken word, whether you’re addressing thousands or just a handful of people. In one shining moment, a well-executed speech brings people together on an issue or idea and summons […]

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Becoming a writer… because your boss says you have to

In years past, Gil might have been able to hire me or another creative source to handle the assignments, but for the time being there’s a freeze on outsourcing… and he’s in a panic.

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