The Potency of Words. Size Matters.

Ultimately, it’s not simply the number of words you know, but how you use each one that’s important. Using colorful, descriptive words almost always makes writing more compelling. It’s not about impressing people, improving your professional prospects or building scholarly achievement

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Keeping it real: Writing that’s trustworthy and credible

Here are seven easy tips to make sure you’re communicating authentically,

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Getting your team to be better writers. It’s essential.

  Item: A brilliant process engineer at a major chemical company is trying to tell representatives from a personal care products giant about the cost-savings and performance benefits of a new hair-care ingredient. But she’s getting tangled up in minutiae and arcane data; she’s lost them before she even gets to the good stuff. Item: […]

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Are you unknowingly sending offensive emails?

I’ve sent out emails that I thought were confident and business-like, and others that I thought
 were funny. But sometimes I was wrong. The business-like emails came across sounding 
harsh, and the funny ones, well, weren’t so funny. Have you ever opened an email and 
thought the sender sounded angry, rude or condescending? You may […]

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Is Social Media Failing Marketers?

If you’ve got something important to communicate, find out, for yourself, the most effective way to spread the word to increase consumer interest.

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Head, Heart and Hand*: A Simple Path to Effective Communicating

In addition to writing for a variety of clients, I spend time working with scientists, engineers and IT professionals on their presentations to non-experts. While it’s a bit of a cliche’ that “tech nerds” live in their own world, it’s often true that their focus on data can thwart effective communicating by strangling key messages […]

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“What’s in it for me?” The most important question.

The three questions a prospective client is thinking (if not asking) are: Who are you? What do you want? What’s in it for me? The last one’s the kicker. Audiences of any kind – whether they’re customers, employees, volunteers or donors – don’t have time for anything else, especially today with so much “information” coming […]

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Seattle’s International Exchanges Spur Growth, Citizen Diplomacy and Friendships

World Learning is a respected non-profit that has, for decades, coordinated international exchanges and educational programs for students and entrepreneurs around the world. They asked me to write a series of articles, like the one here, to promote the benefits of these exchanges to Americans. From economic growth and business partnerships to cultural understanding, citizen diplomacy and lasting friendships –participating communities like Cleveland, Detroit, Seattle, and Tulsa are becoming welcoming centers of opportunity.

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It’s not about you. Know the 5 stages of awareness.

Whether you’re putting together a website, a social media campaign or any kind of corporate/marketing communication program, you often tend to focus on the product, service or idea you’re promoting. It’s understandable. But your communications effort is NOT primarily about you, it’s about your audience and their needs. Not your product but their problem.

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Six Skills to Look for When You Need a Great Writer

(This post has been updated for 2018. See the new article here…) You and your business need content. Not just words and explanations but clear, useful, compelling and persuasive content that powerfully separates you from the competition and the clutter.  Now that we’re closing in on the busy fall period, how do you find a […]

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